Anna Sorokin

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    1. How NYC’s Richest Socialites Were Scammed By Anna Delvey, Allegedly | Vanity Fair
      Duration: 6:01

    2. Fake heiress who dazzled New York elite sentenced to four to 12 years for fraud
      Duration: 3:26

    3. Woman accused of impersonating socialite found guilty
      Duration: 2:53

    4. Fake socialite Anna Sorokin looks disheveled in court
      Duration: 3:11

    5. Who is Anna Sorokin — a.k.a. Anna Delvey?
      Duration: 1:48

    6. Jury to decide fate of woman accused of impersonating socialite
      Duration: 2:29

    7. Fake Manhattan socialite Anna Sorokin appears in court
      Duration: 1:37

    8. Why Anna Sorokin’s Court Clothing Choices Could Backfire
      Duration: 1:38

    9. Fake Heiress Anna Sorokin Sent to Prison For Scamming Friends, Banks Out of $250K | Listen Up
      Duration: 2:19

    10. Woman Tricked People Into Thinking She Was a Wealthy Heiress
      Duration: 2:47

    11. How This NYC Socialite Hacks the Travel Industry
      Duration: 6:30

    12. 'The Dropout' Part 1: Where ex-Theranos CEO Elizabeth Holmes got her start
      Duration: 9:01

    13. How Elizabeth Holmes sold the idea of Theranos to employees, investors: Nightline Part 1/2
      Duration: 11:50

    14. Fake German heiress gets 4-12 years behind bars
      Duration: 1:45

    15. Anna Sorokin
      Duration: 2:57

    16. Fake German Heiress Anna Sorokin, Sentenced to 4-12 Years in Prison
      Duration: 0:43

    17. Who Is Anna Sorokin? What To Know About The Fake Heiress Dubbed The 'Soho Grifter'| TIME
      Duration: 1:30

    18. Phony Heiress Faces Judge
      Duration: 1:31

    19. VIDEO: Anna Sorokin posed as Anna Delvey, officials say
      Duration: 2:45

      Duration: 5:35